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About us

FirstConclusion is conceptualized by people who are driven by technology and believe in transformation rather than change. We aim to provide a conclusion (not only solution) for business needs. We are a bunch of young and creative minds focused to develop/deliver innovative and high quality products.

We are a team of professionals well versed with latest development methodologies and technologies. We deal with technologies like Java, PHP, .NET, Javascript along with existing frameworks to create scalable and unique products.

We have one goal and that is to be exceptional in what we do and one focus which is cloud transmutation. We are in the industry to provide conclusion for :

  • Highly scalable web development
  • Mobile applications

Our services

What do we do? Are we good at it? Well we are strong development and QA team. No product development looks like a challange to us. Yes, we are good at it and that can only be proven once we have a chance to develop it for you.

Website Development

Though this development seems to be less challanging, it is an important aspect of any business. Specially, when we are digitalizing every possible thing in market Presentation Layer should be presentable, an average looking website leaves an average impression on users. Our expert developers make sure the delivery of scalable, high-quality & responsive website.

App Development

In a very short duration mobile applications have become an integral part of everybody's life. To fullfill this demanding product, we have a team of techno-enthusiasts, we focus on using latest technologies in order to deliver a scalable, innovative and highly secured.

IT Consulting

Have a product in mind but not sure how to go about it? We are here to help you in achieving your business objectives. Our experts focus on advising "how best to use IT" for your business. Contact us for more queries.

Training & Education

Our believe in "serve society" motivates us in this domain. We provide corporate trainings as well as college/school trainings in Development-Technologies, Testing-Technologies and technologies around Cloud. Contact us for further queries.

You need conclusion and we provide - FirstConclusion

Have A Look

With projects in queue and projects in progress, we still are waiting for any of our's project / product to go live. In a very short time we are launching our in house product in market. A product with purpose: serve the society.

How It's Done

It's accomplished as per the industry standards. Client is uttermost important to us, we believe in understanding the full requirement first. Based on the requirements we make sure that charactistics of a product:Quality Assurance, Scalability, Reliability,Efficiency,Security etc. are not compromised and product is delivered as per the SLA.

Agile and scrum helps in achiving the above stated conveniently. Agile software development practices are best to deliver solutions on time with a higher degree of client and customer satisfaction. Cost, schedule predictability and scope creep can be controlled better than ever.

Many solutions but conclusion - FirstConclusion


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We believe "If we earn from the society then we should serve the society as well"

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